Our Values

“We could not be more pleased with the professional, timely service that we have received. We have always been treated with the utmost respect, honesty and integrity.”
Larry D. Crawford, PresidentPermian Builders, Inc.

We value our clients. Our client’s problems become our challenges and we take ownership of them.

We value ourselves. Our conduct is professional. We act with integrity. Our appearance is neat and clean. We continue to learn and grow

We value each other. We are positive, understanding, cooperative, and above all, respectful. We work as a team. We encourage each other. We do not ask each other to do what we are unwilling to do ourselves.

We value communication. We are active listeners. We repeat what we hear and ensure mutual understanding.

We value time. We respect others by being on time. We create a reputation for being punctual. When making an appointment, we are specific with a time, and we confirm in advance. We take ownership of our appointments and call if we are delayed.

We value innovation. We encourage creative approaches to client service, company operations, and business opportunities.

We value success.. We take part in our company’s success by taking ownership of our own success, and by contributing to the success of the team.

We value our community. We are good citizens in our local and global communities. We reach out to help others through our time, talents, and treasures.