Quaity Ivy

“Wholesale Nursery grows with Sage MAS 200”

  • Challenge

    Salespeople needed to see plant inventory by growing schedule to meet customer

  • Solution

    Visibility-plants in production displayed by weekly growing phase in queries and reports

  • Results

    Customers able to book future orders. Nursery could target sales gaps by crop

What is the problem we needed to solve?
A wholesale nursery grows quality ivy topiary in multiple greenhouses in Salinas and ships all over the country. A warehouse in North Carolina serves the eastern seaboard while California serves the West and Central parts of the country. Each office needed to be able to see the crop of plant products over the growing cycle in addition to customer pre-orders against the crop.
Sage MAS 200 in the Spotlight
Connecting the two locations using Sage MAS 200 gave instant visibility of inventory to the sales departments. Accurate future delivery information allowed for easy transfer of inventory from California to North Carolina.
Warehouses and Greenhouses
Inventory in multiple locations and several greenhouses needed to be tracked. Standard features in MAS 200 made visibility of inventory by location easy to view and manage.
Customer Service
Salespeople needed to view crop inventory in the production cycle to accept seasonal pre-orders from customers. In addition, visibility on under and over booking needed to be timely and accurate to manage orders. Using MAS 200′s open database architecture, queries and reports were created to reflect future inventory by plant lifecycle.
Real-World Results
Sales increased and customers were more satisfied by being able to place seasonal orders well in advance with confidence they would receive their product. Production was able to adjust capacity based on sales visibility, thereby controlling costs and increasing ability to meet customer demand.