Consumer Goods & Services

San Pacific International

“Automation lets giftware sales force get back on the road to selling ″

  • Challenge

    Manual order entry prevented salespeople from selling

  • Solution

    Automate order entry with EDI and Service Bureau

  • Results

    Salespeople increase sales at customers shops and tradeshows

What is the problem we needed to solve?Salespeople were stuck in the office manually processing orders received by phone and fax. The AS400 had years of data but sales analysis was lacking due to non-existent tools. Warehouse picking was restricted to one shipment per order. The company needed to exchange data with service and product providers and wanted to open a web store.
Sage MAS 200 in the SpotlightHigh transaction volume, customization tools, and an out-of-the-box e-commerce solution drove the decision to implement Sage MAS 200. Using order entry and inventory data, a unique picking information system was implemented to permit picking that optimized the warehouse crew and maximized the shipment volume each day. Customization tools permitted exchanging order and shipment data with a cloud based service provider that collected orders from handheld devices at customer sites and tradeshows. E-commerce was launched quickly and managed effectively for B2B sales.
Improved SalesOver 90% of orders are now processed electronically allowing sales personnel to visit more customers, process more orders, and show more product. Reporting tools help management understand top customers, manage top selling products, and keep inventory at needed levels.
Customer ServiceCustomers now receive more product to refill their shelves with fewer shipments. In addition, due to data exchange and e-mail notification, they can anticipate shipments and have needed personnel available to receive and stock. Customers also have the flexibility to order by salesperson, on the website, or by traditional phone and fax. Customer service personnel also have better views of inventory on hand and on the water and are better able to promise delivery.
Real-World ResultsSalespeople now spend their time selling. Management measures KPI’s and customer sales data on a regular basis. Warehouse personnel process more shipments per day by picking, packing, and shipping barcoded products. Inventory costs now include landed costs resulting in more accurate financial results, easier accounting reviews, and better profit projections.