Food & Beverage

“A recipe for success!″

  • Challenge

    Update inventory records with product packaging and storage system data

  • Solution

    Integrate MAS 90 with packaging system and modify production process to include expiration dates and warehouse location

  • Results

    25% Increased fulfillment efficiency and reduced spoilage by 33%

What is the problem we needed to solve?Our sausage maker client has grown 10 fold since opening their doors in downtown San Jose. Serving grocery and restaurant customers in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley, the Central Valley and Central Coast of California, “fresh” is the name of the game. Products are made and shipped within 24 hours of order ensuring the best customer experience. Ingredients and finished products must be tracked and traceable by FDA regulation, and tracked quickly. Managing cost per pound and production yield is essential to profitability. Orders were taken on note cards and pinned to a bulletin board in the sales office. Order visibility required running to the sales office and flipping through the note cards. Production crews were inconsistently informed on order priority causing problems in both delivery and will call. Pricing was difficult due to inconsistent recipe cost updates causing lost margin when prices were too low and lost business when prices were too high. Inconsistent pricing caused concerns by customer’s buyers. Weekly union payroll processing costs from a service provider was expensive.
Sage MAS 90 in the SpotlightUsing core modules, payroll, and bill of materials, financials are now accurate and timely. Using in-house payroll integrated with biometric timeclocks has improved employee satisfaction and reduced processing costs significantly with no additional time. Bills of materials for product recipes are updated for cost changes resulting in competitive pricing and better margins. A unique order dashboard was developed by pulling order data into Excel and is now visible on everyone’s desktop. Data from the case packer is imported into production entries to track Lot # and bin location.
FDA trackingIngredients and finished goods are tracked by Lot # throughout the system. The company can now easily comply with FDA regulations.
Customer ServiceOrders are entered into MAS 90 as they are received by phone and are instantly visible on everyone’s desktop. Anyone answering the phone is empowered to provide excellent customer service by being able to inform the customer on the status of their order.
Real-World ResultsSalespeople now receive sales reports giving them visibility on their customers ordering habits, volume, and profitability. The company now uses this data to negotiate co-op marketing arrangements and commissions to its salespeople and brokers. New products are costed and priced before going to market ensuring successful and profitable product releases. Unprofitable products are now quickly discontinued.
Everyone in the company is now contributing to the goals by entering and sharing real-time information.