“New ERP system is a treasure″

  • Challenge

    High value merchandise sold with special payments plans

  • Solution

    One step multi-payment processing and robust serialized inventory

  • Results

    Layaways and on-loan sales handled seamlessly

What is the problem we needed to solve?
Precious Asian sculptures, African rugs, and Oceanic jewelry inhabit this historic gallery in downtown San Francisco. One-of-a-kind works of art are independently appraised and sold to the most discriminating and educated buyers. Many items are entrusted to customers “on-loan” or sold on layaway. The new ERP system required lot/serial tracking, manage multiple layaway payments, and track items “on-loan”.

Sage 100 in the Spotlight
Lot/Serial numbered inventory give gallery consultants real-time accurate count and cost valuation when meeting with customers. Point-of-sale systems handle multiple payments per order whether cash, check, credit card, or wire. Customized screens speed data entry and improve the customer experience at the register. Credit cards are automatically processed and update banking and financial modules.

Inventory Control
Works of art are not just saleable items; they are collectibles, unique home and office furnishings, and personal treasures. Most sales are negotiated and commissionable so Lot and Serial number control gives gallery consultants the information needed to engage customers both in the store and over the phone. Accurate valuation is extremely critical for insurance and tax purposes.

Layaways and Loaners
Tracking layaway payments is critical on large purchases. Customers use multiple payment methods to apply to their purchase prior to taking the merchandise. Additionally, items are loaned for 7 days with a security deposit before a sale transaction is completed. The POS system tracks every payment whether by cash, check, wire, or credit card, in-store or by phone/fax, and creates statements showing customers their purchase balance.

Real-World Results
Commissioned gallery consultants are now empowered to make more sales and control profitability. Accounting controls ensure cash is accurate and secure. Customers receive better service during the sales and post-sale processes. Customer sales history gives gallery consultants insight into prior purchases and helps with recommendations on new and complimentary products.