Conference Room Pilot

Every client is unique, therefore every system is unique. We begin with the Vision, Mission, and Goals of our client. We interview key stakeholders and system owners. We observe current workflow and question everything. We look for pain points, its evidence, and cost.

We approach every new system much like an architect designs a new house. They will make up a conceptual plan, a model, or even a 3D virtual walkthrough of the project. A client would then be able to visualize living in the new environment.

Moving from one system to another is much like moving to a new house. Some things might be the same, but more likely many things will be different. And while the change is unsettling for some, it will be exciting for others. In either case, there is always a cost and a benefit. Our job is to take the steps necessary to make the move as timely, effective, and affordable as possible. Our Conference Room Pilot methodology is your assurance that everyone will know how to prepare for the move, and thrive in the new environment.

First, we interview all stakeholders to understand their needs and business processes. We look at what is working and what isn’t. Based on our years of experience, we ask the relevant questions and drill-down on answers to ensure we have a full understanding of the issues. We then design a system and present our findings in a work session in which we demonstrate the business processes as we understand them, and make recommendations for re-engineering those processes to achieve even greater effectiveness.

The Conference Room Pilot engagement is a prudent investment in that it assures the system as recommended meets the vision, mission, and goals of the business. If the decision is made to do nothing, then the business has not risked the cost or disruption of a new system. The exercise may have validated the current environment is suitable and even yielded recommendations for improvement.

For those choosing to move forward, the Conference Room Pilot is the foundation upon which the new system is built, therefore, the cost of the engagement is applied towards the implementation. Our clients have appreciated this thorough and honest approach to new system development.