Upgrades & Updates

Software is constantly being updated with new features and bug fixes (yes, software has bugs). We believe you are best served when your software is Current, Compatible, and Compliant (3C’s). What do we mean by that?

  • Current – the latest feature and updates are installed. Often, there are fixes that are made to resolve issues that may not have arisen yet in your operation.
  • Compatible – the software works with the other software and devices on your system. Business management software is often the most mission critical application in the enterprise, so it is essential that it avoids conflicts.
  • Compliant – the software runs in an environment supported by the publisher. Should an issue arise, we want to ensure you can get support for your system.

We recommend you let us install the upgrades and updates to ensure that data files convert completely, the appropriate set up and training is done, and that everything is working properly at the end of the project. We are proactive in communicating the releases so you understand the benefits of installing the newest version.