eRequester is a robust and highly scalable Web-based requisition and authorization routing platform that can be leveraged by a broad range of organizations to improve business processes and productivity.

Users can easily request items with associated vendors, account codes, departments, projects, shipping and other relevant information. The request is then routed for approval through any pre-defined approval chain, depending on the characteristics of the requisition.

Managers can efficiently approve those requisitions which are then converted into purchase orders either in eRequester or in an integrated accounting system. Receiving features are also available to save a tremendous amount of time and money matching up invoices with receipts and purchase orders.

Using eRequester’s built-in search features and requisition history functionality, the entire procurement can be monitored to ensure visibility and control, as well as proper budgeting and forecasting.

eRequester really improves the bottom-line by centralizing the purchasing process, reducing associated spending costs and by increasing efficiency. Packed with hundreds of features and optional modules, eRequester delivers a comprehensive solution for managing the procurement process with an incredibly user-friendly browser-based interface.